Reckoning with an anniversary

By Stefano

The first sketch of DDB was presented a year ago at the 4th World Psychogeography Congress. Shortly thereafter, Elia, Jody, and Stefano started their weekly remote meetings that would give birth to Pocket Disco, and other realized and unrealized ideas. Early in the project we set the goal of reporting back about the project's evolution one year later at the same venue.

For 4WCOP 2021 we ran a panel discussion entitled "Distributed Disco Horizons". The session dealt with the theory behind DDB. From the pitch:

[…] infiltrating dance floors; rethinking contemporary dance with a primitive mindset; breaking and making circles; Pocket Discos as autonomous dance party units; pervasive DIY; pandemic-time “socially distanced” experiments by high-profile artists; post-pandemic opportunities to reshape social dancing; anarchist experiments; the art of midwifery; being sweaty, ridiculous and untethered.

This spoke to the core purpose of DDB, which is so far mainly, but not only, Pocket Disco. The untapped possibilities are still many.

As an accompanying event to the panel, Elia and Jody led an online Pocket Disco session where all participants would shine their makeshift disco lights made with colanders, bike lights, flashlights etc., and dance to the music.

Pocket Disco session at 4WCOP 2021: UK, Spain, New York, California.

Propositions for the next year: establish more frequent Pocket Disco sessions as alternatives to nightclubs (they really are something different); go back to the club scene with a new eye; and go from there with something new.