Articles by Stefano

Reckoning with an anniversary

By Stefano

Anniversaries make you feel old and new.

I used to not give a shit about Lady Gaga

By Stefano

But she is so, sooo not like me.

Pocket Boom #2

By Stefano

More boom, less pocket.

Descent Unto Valencia

By Elia Stefano

More conceptual (=lazy) art hacks and La Ruta del Bakalao.

Pocket Boom #1

By Stefano

DIY is a drug and will consume you.

San Diego and the Art of Midwifery

By Stefano

How to make art while doing almost nothing.

Grater Good Light

By Stefano

Give your Amazon driver a potty break!

This is an Anarchist Experiment

By Stefano

We are a friendly bunch.

Star ball mop

By Stefano

Original DDB Manifesto

By Stefano

An improvised lightning talk at the 4th World Congress of Psychogeography.